Landscape / Nature

My research interests are varied, but I keep coming back to landscape art and aesthetics. (Both my MA and PhD theses focused on landscape.) In my understanding, the term "landscape" has both interdisciplinary and art-historical meanings. Geographers such as Denis Cosgrove insist that "landscape" is a cultural form, and refers to the many ways humans have inhabited and transformed the natural environments that surround them. From the field of ecology/environmental studies we get the perception of landscapes as mutable, fragile, but interconnected ecosystems. In art historical terms (in Euro-american and other cultural traditions), I would argue that landscape is an exceedingly complex genre, that inevitably intersects with such interdisciplinary models.  And then, if landscape aestheticizes the natural world, this has at various moments involved ideas and ideologies, acts of memory, inscriptions of collective desire, and traces of bodily sensation. Landscape must therefore be regarded as a site of encounter – between natural processes and cultural systems, between the cycles of nature and human history, between different forms of consciousness and being. Most of my research concerns contemporary articulations of landscape, but I still think we have much to learn from the 17th-century landscapes of Poussin and Rubens.


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